Q8E Coin is an Arabian Gulf Company which was founded early 2016 by Ali Ahmad Ghareeb alongside his Father Ahmad Ghareeb. Ali is a born Kuwaiti and an experienced Professional Cryptocurrency Broker & Trading Expert for his firm Q8E Coin & many other companies he works with Worldwide. He has been working with Blockchain & Business online ever since he left his career as an Aircraft Engineer back in 2015 he never looked back again.

At Q8E Coin it is our mission to safely serve Kuwait & its neighbouring GCC countries with Cryptocurrency, Blockchain services, Blockchain education courses, Web development, App creation & management services, Digital Trading Courses, Digital Finance, Business Consultancy Services & Marketing & Promotional services.

We have succeeded in our company by offering the best guaranteed Professional Cryptocurrency Services & Digital Safety Courses Kuwait and world has to offer. We teach our students everything they need to know about Cryptocurrencies and how to be safe using them for online business and to stay clear of online scams & hacks. We teach our students how to make passive digital income with Cryptocurrencies and a Trading course that no other company offers guaranteed! With our course you will be confident about doing business with Cryptocurrency and utilizing Blockchain technology to your advantage.



  • Security and agility in your local or international transactions no third party required.
  • Our Q8Exchange has one of the lowest rates in the market.
  • The only team that offers security courses on the Internet, along with complete commercial encryption courses.

Within our platform you can connect your Kuwait or any other international bank account to our wallet system and you can exchange your Digital Coins for the Kuwaiti Dinar or any other currency within a few hours after the start of the transfer.



  • Coin Name : Q8E Coin

  • Ticker : Q8E

  • Coin Type: POS

  • Rewards : 500 Q8E per block (20 % stake, 80% masternode)

  • Algorithm : scrypt

  • Starting supply : 1900000000

  • Max supply : 38000000000

  • Block Spacing : 90sec

  • Confirmation Time : 6

  • Mature Time : 16hours

  • Block Size : 4.5 MB

  • Maternode Collateral: 100000




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